The links below are provided to give visitors to this site more information about Loch Duart salmon – where to buy, where to eat and how to prepare it, also links to industry bodies and other useful sources of information.


Trade Links


We deliver whole, fresh, gutted fish twice a week to quality outlets of all types throughout the UK. If you require further preparation, contact us or: -
A major wholesaler with a rapidly-expanding capability to serve hotels, restaurants and caterers in most parts of the UK.



Loch Duart salmon is available from specialists in the following countries.

South Africa -

Switzerland -


Italy -


Industry Information

The following sites publish regular and up-to-date information about developments in fishing and fish farming in the UK, Europe and worldwide, as appropriate.


Salmon Information

You can find out a lot about the nutritional benefits of salmon on the following websites.

The two websites below cover the important issue of animal and fish welfare. We worked closely with both to establish the standards for salmon.

The West Sutherland Fisheries Trust protects all fish specias in West Sutherland.


You can find out more about specific aspects of our farming philosophy by visiting the four special subject sites below.


We are also proud to be sponsoring Scottish cyclist and triathlete, Kerry MacPhee. Kerry will be launching her website soon – in the meantime, you can find out how important Loch Duart salmon is in Kerry’s diet, by visiting


Relevant Organisations

The following organisations encourage different business initiatives we support: -


Environmental Standards

You can learn more about ISO 14001 and how this improves our environmental performance by reading the relevant section on this website.